Top 5 Career Options After Your NEET Exams

Other than being a doctor, every medicine aspirant has a variety of career options after cracking the NEET exam.

Medicine is considered one of humanity’s greatest pursuits. A career in medicine is something that many individuals aspire to have, despite the years of education and effort required. But, you don’t have to be limited to practising medicine after taking NEET exams. 

Motion has the list of top 5 career options prepared for you to try out the best profession that suits you. Here, have a look!

The Best Career Options After NEET


Additionally to an MBBS degree, students who want to become dentists may study a BDS course. The possibilities are unlimited in this field, ranging from general practitioners to orthodontists. Working at hospitals allows many dentists to earn more than one may expect.

Additionally, one will have the opportunity to either work at a prestigious hospital in the dentistry department or set up one’s own dental clinic to start practice.


Another alternative career option after NEET is BHMS. This is a great for people looking for a profession in the field of homoeopathy. In India and overseas, homoeopathic doctors are in high demand. After passing NEET and completing the BHMS program, you can pursue a career as a homoeopathic doctor. This will provide you with a wide range of opportunities to serve people and earn at the same time.


Recently, people are becoming more conscious of the importance of diet and nutrition. Now, this is a result of the rise in health consciousness, awareness to prevent diseases with a healthy lifestyle. In the USA and many countries in the world, there is an increasing demand for expert nutritionists who can assist people to get rid of an unhealthy life.

You can work as a nutritionist in private practice, as a sports nutritionist for any athlete or team, produce research papers, or even work in the food production sector.

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Agriculture and animal husbandry are some of the best career options after NEET if you love animals and plants. There are numerous possibilities of growth in this profession, ranging from agricultural management to dairy farming. One would be needed to do research to improve crop production and quality, livestock breeding, plant growth, etc.

A Career in Life Sciences After NEET

Life Science is a branch of advanced biology. Biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology, and other disciplines of Life Sciences exist for you to try your hand at research.

The most effective approach to getting a job in this field is to work in research and development. Due to cutting-edge scientific advancements in the fields of health, medicine, and even technology, qualified researchers are in high demand. Do not, however, believe that the scope of these careers is limited to science. Depending on the industry, there are a variety of other occupations and professional possibilities available.

After NEET, you don’t have to limit yourself to one or two career options. In the field of medicine, you have a wide range of employment options based on your passion and interests. So hurry up and begin your NEET preparation with the help of a reputable NEET coaching centre like Motion. We will help you pursue your dream profession in medicine and healthcare.

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