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5 ways to avoid social media while studying

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Keeping away from social media while studying is a greater task Motion has the best study tips for students to come out of social media and focus on their study.

Wondering how to avoid social media while studying? 

Social media is an addictive platform that distracts you from studying. Taking expert advice or preparing yourself could help you with restricting yourself. Motion has made a list of best study tips for students and ways to avoid social media while studying.

Top 5 ways to avoid social media while studying.

Limit screen time

In many cases, time passes undetected when using a smartphone since it is addictive. Smartphones now have screen time functions that allow us to check your daily and weekly usage and make adjustments, such as setting usage limits for social media apps. We get a screen notification saying your time is up if you set a limit.

Avoid video fatigue

Scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat is very addictive and with the online classes this has become more obvious that it can lead to Video Fatigue by the feeling of exhaustion by being online, but now that everything is getting back to normal this can be minimised as we are going back to classes by person

Make a schedule

Keeping a track of time is really important while it comes to social media usage. Make a schedule for your study and screen time and set reminders in your mobile to remind you of what time to stop and study and what time to take a break and stick to this schedule firmly.

Uninstall unwanted apps

The apps that are unwanted and addictive can be deleted and restricted from use or it can also be kept under parental controls if that can be rarely used. This can minimise the risk of addiction to those apps and help to concentrate in studies.

Replace the time with other recreational activities 

Taking a break from your study routine is essential. But this can be made interactive and fun without social media usage and engaging yourself with your smartphone. Instead, you can have reading books as an alternative to avoid social media or create a hobby to engage yourself other than social media.

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