The Best Preparation Strategy for Neet Repeaters


Preparing for NEET can be a task, especially for those who have given it one try, failed, and are trying again. 

There could be several reasons why the first attempt didn’t fruit up but it is no reason to be disappointed. 

Yes, you tried but failed. But here’s the thing – You tried and that is what matters the most. There is no way of knowing how deep the water is until you step in. You’ve already stepped in and drowned. 

Now it is time to swim.

Examining why the first attempt failed is important to understand where we lacked and then prepare a strategy that compensates for the previous mistakes and leaves no scope for more.

Here are a few areas where you could have lacked:

  • scheduling:

You may not have scheduled your routine well enough leading to last-minute problems with the syllabus 

  • Understanding the syllabus:

Without understanding the syllabus there is no way to pass NEET. 

  • Not taking revision seriously:

If you learn once but don’t review it later, then there is no use in learning in the first place.

These are just a few areas where you may have lacked. 

With a proper strategy that eliminates these issues, you could score the top rank! 

Here is a comprehensive strategy that can help you score the best in NEET:

  • Reviewing: 

The first step you need to take is to review where you went wrong. Once that is clear to you, you can understand your weaknesses and work accordingly.

  • Scheduling:

While it may sound cliche, it is paramount that you have a routine set and you follow it religiously. Without a proper schedule, there is no acing the NEET preparation. Make sure to create a schedule that doesn’t burn you out. Give time for activities and also your regular classes.

  • Resource utilization:

You’ve got the books already. You have studied them already but somewhere something is lacking. This time, make sure to break down every topic into a smaller section and then prepare. Use quality books, and online resources and take the help of your peers. consider enrolling in a coaching institute to help you prepare better and faster.

  • Targeted areas:

Focus on weak areas. Make sure to target areas that you have previously lacked. For example, you could have lacked in physics numerical. Practice them more.

  • Time management:

In your last exam, you could have lacked in managing time. This time, to not let that happen, keep a test for yourself with a timer and practice. 

  • Positive mindset:

Maintain a positive attitude and don’t let anyone get you down. 

With constant practice, scheduling, mock tests, and a positive attitude, you can score the top rank in the next NEET exam.

Motion, as the best NEET coaching institute in Hyderabad, encourages repeaters to not let their hopes down and keep a steady head. We provide practice sessions, mock tests, and best quality material for students to ace their exams. 

We hope this NEET exam, goes well for you!

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