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How to Focus for Long Hours During JEE Preparation

JEE preparation

If you are preparing for JEE then you know how struggling it can be to sit for a long time to study. Even if you sit in your chair for a long time and in front of the book, there is no knowledge retention happening. This causes an utter waste of time for students leading them to feel overwhelmed and burnt out during the preparation of JEE. 

Let us take an example of a student who is preparing for JEE

He sits for 3 hours to study but is only able to focus for 1 hour.

For the rest 2 hours, he is just sitting in front of the book, trying his best to focus but is lost in the thoughts of his dinner for the day!

To help that student study for all 3 hours, we have got a few tips!

  • Make a schedule:

We keep saying this because it is that important. Once you fall into a routine, your body also automatically responds to that routine. For example, if you start studying for 1 hour every day, your body will habituate itself to that routine, and eventually focusing won’t be a problem at all for you! 

  • Set clear goals 

It is important to set clear goals for yourself. For example, do not say “ I will study for 2 hours” Instead say “ I will allocate this amount of time for this particular subject.”  This will make work easier and clear for you. 

  • Eliminate distractions:

Nowadays it is common to have a laptop or a tablet to study. It often happens that we end up scrolling through other apps and study less. It is always better to stick to the traditional way of studying i.e., the typical book and pen. 

  • Use the Pomodoro method:

The Pomodoro method means that you study for 25 minutes and take a break for 5 minutes. This way, you won’t be burnt out and will be able to focus for a longer period. 

  • Practice active learning:

It is easy to read and just forget. What is important in JEE preparation is to retain the information. If that isn’t happening then the preparation is pointless. Don’t just read but rather explain it to someone. For example, get a blackboard and imagine a class full of students listening to you and then going on to explain the topics. This method of learning will make studying fun and easy for you!

  • Take regular breaks 

Yes, you read it right! Take regular breaks so that you do not burn out and feel overwhelmed. It often happens that those who sit for long hours to study end up wasting their time because they are only able to focus half of the time. With regular breaks, you can break this pattern. 

  • Practice meditation:

Practicing meditation will help you concentrate and focus on your tasks better. Even a few minutes of deep breathing can help clear your mind.

With these simple tips from Motion – the best JEE coaching center in Hyderabad, we hope you will be able to focus and crack your exam!

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